Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In the near future...

We tend to hear words like "In the near future..." when watching major news networks.  The story usually follows something negative followed by our governments views on the issue.  The outcome usually hurts middle America and the rest just trudge on through it without a thought.
The super rich don't have to worry about those future thoughts, because the majority of them generate our futures with their decision making.  The stretch of  haves and have nots is widening at alarming rates.

In 2010, the Supreme Court passed laws allowing Corporations the ability to make contributions to the political parties of their choosing and placing no cap on that said amount.  All this really does is make it open to the public that for instance, Coca Cola supports the Republican party and by what dollar amount that support is defined by.

Now, the point of this blog is to discuss our neighbors and friends in Madison, Wisconsin.  However, this fight isn't just for those there, but all over the US.  Republicans have a funny way of enforcing government. Republicans lean to the side of smaller government and smaller taxes. John McCain and other elite republicans believe that private business and individuals should push America forward, not the government. However, when it comes to Unions or Collective Bargining, this is too much. Gov. Walker has made it clear, that in order for the budget to have any chance of being fixed, the government can no longer negotiate.  In fact, the government needs more influence and power over teachers and other public workers in order to deal with the chaos in the said budget crisis.  How sad is it then, that only a few weeks before, he gave over $171 Million in tax breaks for the corporations of the State.

I guess the poor and middle class have to suffer but the rich and well off come off clean if not better off.  Trickle down economy seems to work pretty well when the rich are rain clouds and the government is the gutters.  When did it become politically safe to say " Let the corporations prosper, their our future and let the kids suffer for it."?
If Wisconsin is in such financial ruin, shouldn't everyone suffer to pay off the debt?

This isn't just about the mixed messages.  This about your right to influence the government that is supposed to work for you!  Now, it should also be noted that out of the top ten Political Contributing Groups only three gave any money to the Democratic Party. The other seven were rooted with the Republican Party.  Those three were all Union Groups.  If Gov. Walker gets his way, it provides the catalyst for other Red State Governors to do the same. Corporations are FOR PROFIT. Their voting power only helps their agenda, which is more profit.

Finally, a great President of ours once thought we should have more rights as working class people.  This President was well aware of the power that Corporations had over Congress.  Even men of idealism, dream of money.


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